Background: In the expansion of the Welcoming America project, NHAIR is also working in bringing the foreign born and the native born together to a achieve a positive integration of immigrants and refugees into the social fabric of their recipient communities. Through education and cultural activities directed mainly to non-immigrant audiences, Welcoming New Hampshire intends to build a sensible understanding of the immigrant community that will lead to acceptance and undermine the anti-immigrant sentiment that has been spread throughout the country by divisive parties.

Our Goals: We work to unite all the organizations and individuals that are currently working with immigrants or want to engage in immigrant and non-immigrant integration efforts to establish a diverse committee. With the support of Welcoming America and the New Hampshire Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees, we will work together to engage with frank and friendly conversation the multicultural and local groups in Manchester through venues such as: coffee hour events, lectures, media messages, multicultural fairs, block parties, interfaith talks, town endorsement, game nights, movie screenings, school presentations and /or by partnering with current events that promote tolerance and understanding towards diverse communities.

Welcoming Success:

NH Governor

In 2012, Governor John Lynch gave a commendation to the leaders of Welcoming New Hampshire for the outstanding work done in ensuring immigrant and native born communities are welcoming of one another. Much is still to come, and the Welcoming New Hampshire campaign is ready to take on the challenges to ensure our state is a strong united community of community builders.